Anders Emilsson
Foto: Lisa Olin/Dalarnas Tidningar

Anders Emilsson

The saxophone-quarter version of Vuolleh was selected for the ISCM World New Music Days 2009 and was performed by the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet.

During 2008 I composed Three Last Songs with words by the swedish poet Dan Andersson on commission by the Immanuel Church, Stockholm. The instrumentation is Tenor, Viola and Organ. The songs were premiered at the Immanuel Church by Anders Andersson, tenor; Peter Eriksson, viola, and myself at the organ. The Three Last Songs (Tre sista sånger) are: I. Jag sjungit..., II. Epilog and III. Nu mörknar min väg.

Concerto for two horns, winds and percussion - commissioned by The Swedish Wind Ensemble - was world premiered on Oct 5th 2008 at the Berwald-hall, Stockholm, by Swedish Wind Ensemble, its chief conductor Christian Lindberg and soloists Sören Hermansson and Radovan Vlatkovic.

A new piece for choir - Vuolleh - was world premiered at the Nordic Music Days in Helsinki on Oct 3rd by the EMO-ensemble and conductor Pasi Hyökki. The piece is built on south-Lapish yoiks.

In May 2007 the ensemble Norrbotten NEO performed the new piece The Glade in Piteå.

Recent years I have composed three works for The Swedish Wind Ensemble: Svenska Landskap (Swedish Landscapes) was first performed by SWE and cond. B Tommy Andersson at Nybrokajen 11 in Nov 2005 and Salute the Band was premiered by SWE and Christian Lindberg at SWEs´ centenary celebration at Stockholms Konserthus in Oct 2006.

I have composed several works on commission, for the Swedish Wind Ensemble, KammarensembleN, Dalasinfoniettan, a.o.

As a composer I have taken interest in both Nordic folkmusical elements, spectral harmony and minimalistic structures. Some of my works are inspired by swedish poetry (Dan Andersson and Harry Martinson). On my workslist there are choir- and chambermusical works as well as orchestral pieces.

I studied Arranging and Composition with Daniel Börtz, Lars-Erik Rosell and Bengt-Arne Wallin at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm and composition with Jan Sandström at Piteå Music School.
I have also studied in Berlin with W Zimmermann at HdK and with A Pärt.